Activities and Products

The FORUM regularly discusses priority fire research needs and important issues within the member's countries.  It periodically publishes and makes available on its website position papers on issues of international interest, and a compendium of information on available fire models.

FORUM research is accessible directly from member laboratories or through inFIRE, an international network of libraries devoted to fire safety. Several international databases of fire research information and results are maintained by FORUM members.

The FORUM meets annually at the facilities of one of its members. In conjunction with these meetings, it may co-sponsor an open symposium or conference, arranged by the host member, to examine progress of fire safety engineering in the host's country in the context of international developments in this field.

The FORUM sponsors an international award, the Sjölin Award which recognizes an individual or group for an outstanding contribution to the science of fire safety or an advance in the state of the art in fire safety engineering practice.

The FORUM undertook the translation of a landmark document published in 1988 in Japan. In that year the Building Standard Law of Japan (the Japanese national building code) was revised to add an equivalency clause (Article 38) similar to those found in western codes.  This equivalency was to be established by conducting a detailed fire safety engineering analysis.  The methods to be used for this analysis were documented in a four-volume handbook that represented the first published fire engineering code of practice.  Since many countries are now developing similar engineering guidelines documents in support of performance based codes, FORUM wanted to ensure that the Japanese work was available to the English speaking world.  This document is the translation of the first volume, that presents an overview of the equivalency method.  FORUM hopes to complete the publication of the remaining volumes in the future.  This translation was undertaken with the written permission of the copyright holder, the Architectural Center of Japan. The document is available for a nominal charge to cover printing and mailing from:

Society of Fire Protection Engineers
Suite 1225W
7315 Wisconsin Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20814

FORUM Survey

The FORUM is updating the survey of fire models conducted on their behalf by Dr. Raymond Friedman and last published in 1991. The data requested has been chosen to be helpful to fire safety engineers and regulators in the selection of models that are appropriate to specific problems, and in identifying sources for the models and for obtaining assistance in their use. The resulting database can be accessed at