Sjölin Award

The Sjölin Award recognizes an outstanding contribution to the science of fire safety or an advance in the state of the art in fire safety engineering practice of extraordinary significance. It is presented to the individual or group whose efforts are primarily responsible for or traceable to the specified advance. The Prize consists of a plaque and an honorarium. Recipients of the FORUM Prize are selected and announced annually and the awards are delivered at the tri-annual symposia of the International Association for Fire Safety Science.

2012 Sjölin Award

The International Forum of Fire Research Directors has selected the FDS Development Team to receive the Sjölin Award for 2012. The following individuals have been identified as contributors to the team:

In making this award, the Forum is recognizing the outstanding contributions over the past number of years of the FDS Development Team and the resulting impact of the team’s work on the advancement of fire engineering around the world. The team has developed, maintained and extended the functionality of a software program that has become the tool of choice by both the fire research and fire engineering communities. FDS represents the most widely used computational fire engineering tool in both research and industry. Through its use and application many new insights have emerged, further extending our understanding of the behavior of fire phenomena.


Past recipients of this award include the following individuals/organizations:

2011 -- Awarded to Takeyoshi Tanaka, Presented at the 10th IAFSS in Washington DC, USA (2011)

2010 -- Awarded to Yuji Hasemi, Presented at the 10th IAFSS in Washington DC, USA (2011)

2009 -- Awarded to Gunnar Heskestad, Presented at the 10th IAFSS in Washington DC, USA (2011)

2008 -- Awarded to Andrew Buchanan, Presented at the 9th IAFSS in Karlsruhe, Germany (2008)

2007 – Awarded to Richard Gann, Presented at the 9th IAFSS in Karlsruhe, German (2008)

2006 – Awarded to Geoff Cox, Presented at the 9th IAFSS in Karlsruhe, German (2008)

2005 -- Awarded to Dougal Drysdale. Presented at the 8th IAFSS in Beijing, PRC (2005).

2002 -- Awarded to Vyto Babrauskas, Paula Beever, and Jim Quintiere. Presented at the 7th IAFSS in Worcester, USA (2002).

1999 -- Awarded to (the heirs of) Philip Thomas, Kunio Kawagoe, Howard Emmons, and David Rasbash and to the eight organizations to which they were connected: Harvard University, the Fire Program of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Factory Mutual Research Corporation, and Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) of the USA; the Building Research Institute and the Science University of Tokyo in Japan; and the Fire Research Station (FRS) and the University of Edinburgh in the UK. Presented at the 6th IAFSS in Poitiers, France (1999).

1994 -- Awarded jointly to Lund University, Science University of Tokyo, University of Edinburgh, University of Maryland, and Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Presented at the 4th IAFSS in Ottawa, Canada (1994).