The FORUM is...

The FORUM is a group of the Directors of fire research organizations throughout the world. It has been active since 1991. Its aim is to reduce the burden of fire (including the loss of life and property, and effects of fire on the environment and heritage) through international cooperation on fire research. An important membership requirement is that the applicant be responsible for establishing research priorities and allocating resources for fire safety research in their parent organization.

FORUM focus is identifying strategic partnerships to advance Fire Safety Engineering, FSE, through scientifically-based knowledge of fire; recognized computational tools; sound and reliable supporting data; and recognized professional status for the discipline of FSE with appropriate training and education. FORUM supported research fosters advances in all aspects of FSE with the intent of improving society's ability to reduce and manage the risks of fire and the costs of fire safety.

FORUM role includes identification of strategies for advancing fire research; networking and sharing of information among FORUM members to achieve common objectives and reduce duplication; discussion of strategies for fire research and fire safety engineering including coordination of fire research, joint programs, exchanges of staff, shared use of facilities. In the foregoing the FORUM maintains close contact with related organizations, such as:

FORUM members and their staff are active participants in these organizations' activities. The following members have provided leadership and coordination for these activities:


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